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          +More 陳克林律師ABOUT US

          Chen Kelin, a lawyer practicing in Jiangyin Evergrande Law Firm, is a partner of Jiangyin Evergrande Law Firm, a professional criminal defense lawyer, an expert member of Laws and regulations of Jiangyin Pharmaceutical high-tech Zone, a member of China Lawyers Association, a member of Jiusan Society, and a guest lawyer of "Walking with law" program of Jiangyin Traffic Radio station. He has rich experience in obtaining bail and criminal defense, successfully handling bail for many parties and successfully defending many criminal cases. Over the years, determined to the criminal defense work of the research and practice. .

            聯系人 :陳克林律師

            電話 :138-1217-1758


          聯系地址 :江蘇-江陰

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